And So It Begins…

A day when I’m not particularly inspired to write seems like an odd day to start a blog, don’t you think? And yet, here I am, familiarizing myself with WordPress and all it has to offer.

It’s evening where I am, the time of day where the light inside and the light outside are roughly equal. It’s been the lightest snow season in my 16-year memory of living in a ski town, but today we finally had what could be considered a legitimate storm – nothing for the record books, but enough to let us know that winter is still around for a bit.

Watching white flakes float around doesn’t make for such a productive day, but, trust me, when you’ve been in something of a drought, they are a lovely sight to see. They deserved a bit of awe, but I did get around to other activities too – baking for my guests who will arrive next week, getting some work out of the way, and general domestic duties.

I can’t say for sure what topics this blog will cover, but if one assumes it’s a reflection of my mind, then I can guarantee some variety and irreverence (of the completely loving and gentle kind, of course).


Muse with Me!

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